The next chapter: July 2015 update

July was a weird month.

I got off to a decent start, determined to finish off Marushka. I revised and submitted a short story to an anthology call. I received a rejection for another story a few days later.

Then, Nuala’s kidneys shut down and we had to make that anguished, final visit to the vet.

While I kept up the blogging, mostly because I had my curation posts already composed, I couldn’t face the page for a few days.

I got back to Marushka slowly on the 14th, and that weekend, I set out my second round of queries for Initiate of Stone. I also revised another story and sent it off.

Since then, I’ve received a rejection on the story and two more rejections—polite though they may have been—from agents regarding Initiate of Stone.

I’ve just today revised my query, signed up for a query workshop with Kristin Nelson, and booked my hotel for Can-Con in October.

So it’s been a busy month, and a productive one, considering, but I’m just on the cusp of my pre-revision tracking best.

July's writing progress

Here’s how the numbers break down

Short fiction: 92 words

Marushka: 7,217 words (And no, I’m not quite done with the draft, yet. I’m at 87% of goal right now. I might make my 40k word goal. This is, of course, in addition to the 30k I generated during NaNoWriMo last year.)

Blog: 9,116 words

Total: 16,425 words

July's Summary

Moving forward, I will continue to revise and submit my short stories wherever I can place them, but, as I mentioned last month, I haven’t been bitten by the short fiction bug recently and will not be drafting new stories for the foreseeable.

Several of my shorts may actually be novels in disguise, so, once I exhaust the available venues, I might see about expanding one and see how that works, but I’ve a way to go before I get there with some of my lovelies.

I’m going to finish Marushka this month (damn it!). I’m only about 5k words from ‘the end’ on this one, and it’s been so long in coming that I really want to put it to bed.

Then, it’s back to Gerod and the Lions. Once that draft is finished, I’ll turn to revision again, but NaNo will probably pop up in the middle of those efforts.

I’m starting to outline this year’s NaNo project. It’s a tasty one.

The blogging will probably simmer down for a while without the convention reportage, so we may see a reduction in word count there, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Work-wise, I’m heading out of town for the day job from August 10-26 and then I’ll be taking on another acting Consultant position. This one promises to be less stressful than the last couple I’ve had, but we’ll see.

Other than that, there’s not much else to report.

I’m keeping on, keeping on.

You do the same.

Until next month!

The Next Chapter

3 thoughts on “The next chapter: July 2015 update

  1. Sorry to hear about your dog, that’s awful news.

    Sorry about the rejections you’ve gotten so far, those are never nice to receive. I’m on a query break at the moment as I revise bit more. It’s nice to have a bit of a breather.
    Good luck with Marushka, hope you can get those last 5k out soon.

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    • Thanks, Rochelle. Nuala was our furbaby.
      Re: Query rejections. I figure I have to rack up a whole lot of them to give up. I’ve got a list of 85 agents to get through 😉 Only sent out to ten so far. And, if this novel doesn’t generate interest, my next should be ready to go by then O.o
      For short stories, it’s really a matter of time. I revise before I send each one out. I’ll hit the right editor at the right time, or I won’t. Again, there are a lot of magazines to submit to and the odd open anthology call.
      Patience and persistence.
      And finally, with Marushka, I’ve written the climax, but I seem to be fond of the lingering denouement. It’s just the last couple of loose ends I have to tie up. It will change when I revise, I’m sure, because one of my preparatory stages is to go through my novel beck to front to see if I can foreshadow and/or tie up some of those loose ends sooner than later. I just have to get everything down first.

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