Welcome to Writerly Goodness

So who or what is Writerly Goodness (WG)?

Technically, WG is me, or it’s my alter ago when I’m done with the day job.

newmel1With regard to that, I’m a mild-mannered corporate trainer by day. I still have my learning blog category, “Breaking open the mind,” but, to be honest, my heart isn’t really there anymore. I’ll still post on the odd learning adventure, though. The Learning Mutt has just shifted her energy and attention to writing, where it should have been all along.

I’ve always been a writer. Before I learned printing and cursive, I was telling tall tales. I’ve known for years that I’d be writing until the day age and infirmity (it’s going to take both of them–I’m not going down without a fight) rob me of the ability. Recently, though, I’ve decided to put sincere effort into writing as a career.

I’ve made money from my writing, but not enough to achieve my dream of earning a living wage from my creative efforts.

So this site is my documentary of those efforts, but it’s also a place where you’ll find lots of interesting links and resources.

On Tuesdays, I curate my favourite writing-related posts, podcasts, and videos of the week. I call it Tipsday. That’s where you’ll find all manner of informal writerly learnings.

Thursdays are thoughty around here, and I curate posts, videos, and anything else I find on the interwebz that makes me go hmmmm …

Earworm alert!


The point of Thoughty Thursday is to provide inspirational fuel for your creative fire. I think of it as popping the mental corn 😉

On the weekends, I post my session notes from the last conference or convention I attended, workshops that I deliver, organize, or participate in, updates on my work(s) in progress, and random stuff that kind of just happens.

It’s all Writerly Goodness, folks.

So what’s with the tagline?

BA: English, rhetoric emphasis, cum laude, Laurentian University 1995

MA: English Literature and Creative Writing, University of Windsor, 1999

Dreamsinger: I’ve always dreamed in story. It’s less frequent now than when I was a child, but I still come up with one or two compelling ideas from my dreams each year. My interesting nocturnal life includes somnambulance, night terrors, and talking in my sleep (somniloquy). I used to be a big gamer girl, and I had a Shaman named Tietaja Dreamsinger. Plus, I’m paganish and I studied shamanism for a few years.

Ink Alchemist: Alchemy is another of my paganish interests. I think it works well as an explanation for how a writer transforms an idea in the mind into story on the page. And … if you want to push the metaphor, if the writing is really good, it just may be the fabled philosopher’s stone–the means to immortality. It’s more aspiration than fact right now, but it’s a goal and you know what they say: fake it ’til you make it 😉

Learning Mutt: I’m addicted to learning. I’m into informal, unstructured, on-demand, and just-in-time learning. Since it’s part of my day-job, it’s a thing. I’ve even been certified (and certifiable, oh yes, that, too) as a corporate trainer.

My categories:

  • Alchemy Ink: my thoughts on process and the craft of writing, Tipsday, and Thoughty Thursday.
  • Authorial name dropping: interviews, workshops, conferences, retreats, and other places I’ve gone, the authors I’ve met, and what became of it all.
  • My history as a so-called writer: how my creative life began and where it got me. This won’t be purely confessional, though it will sometimes be agonized. You have been warned 🙂
  • Work in progress: this is about the writing of my novel(s) and what that practice has taught me (so far). I won’t be excerpting from my work, but I will delve into aspects such as character development, world building, outlining, and revision strategies.
  • This writer’s life: This is a place to put in all those bits and pieces that don’t fit anywhere else. Most of my posts about gardening, renovations, and other things that are part of this writer’s life, but may not be directly connected to my writing, per se, may be found here.
  • Breaking open the mind: my day job and the things I’m learning as a result of, or in spite of, it.

So feel free to like, comment, share, or subscribe by email. I’m moderating (I have to approve any comments), so it’s all good.

Other places you can get hold of me:


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