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This is me (is that you?)

At the age of seven, I submitted my first story to CBC’s “Pencil Box.”  Since then I have become a published poet and an award-winning short story writer.  I am a member of the Sudbury Writers’ Guild, a professional member of the Canadian Authors Association, a member of SFCanada, and of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.  In 1999, I received my MA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Windsor.  I am currently, and concurrently, working as a learning and development professional, writing several novels and short stories, and developing my platform.

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11 thoughts on “About Mel

  1. You Are Versatile! I have nominated you to receive the Versatile Blogger Award.Please visit my blog to pick up your badge. writingonthesun.wordpress.com J.lynn Sheridan (Not Bobber Challenger)


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  3. Great resource, Mel. I just stumbled across “Two for Windsor” the other day…still in my memories box from those days! (and of course, your recipe for Blueberry Tea Braid is in there too!)


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