Wordsmith Studio homecoming blog hop number three

WSS Homecoming 2015It’s been three years since I joined a bunch of fellow platform builders in what became Wordsmith Studio.

Today: blog hop, part the third.

1) What are you currently working on?

The final (for now) revisions of Initiate of Stone, drafting Marushka, my 2014 NaNoWriMo novel, and revising one long short story that may actually be a novel in disguise 🙂 Plus, I blog.

2) For past work, what was your greatest joy or greatest challenge?

Finishing my first draft of IoS and getting my two short stories, “The Broken Places” and “Downtime” published would all have to tie for greatest joys.

My greatest challenge to date has been the first chapter of IoS. Oh, and trying to keep things balanced. Actually, the balance thing wins out in the toughest challenge category. I suck at balance.

3) For current work, what challenge are you working through now?

As mentioned above, my first chapter. For some reason, this particular opening is kicking my buttocks. I’ve tried starting the story earlier, later, a prologue (very bad), and rewriting the first chapter from scratch about four times. I’ve tried Surry Idol at the Surrey International Writer’s Conference, Ray Rhamey’s Flogging the Quill, beta readers, and advice from writing mentors.

4) For work you are just planning or starting, what challenges or growth are you expecting or hoping to encounter?

Every novel I draft, revise, or edit improves my craft. The next work I’ll be starting from scratch will be this year’s NaNoWriMo. It’s a new adult science fiction thriller. Oh yeah. That won’t be hard to sell at all 😛

5) What have successes or challenges in your work (recently) taught you?

I write a lot more than I thought I did. Others see value in my work. Tracking your writing progress is a great motivation. I generally rise to any challenge I set myself.

6) What obstacles or challenges have you not been able to overcome, or still frustrate you?

The aforementioned beginnings, though I think a breakthrough is due. Overdue, frankly.

7) How would you describe a great writing day (or week)?

A great writing day is any day that I write. Period. If I achieve my goals, that’s a lovely cherry on top of the sundae. In a way, every word is a victory 🙂

8) What specific tools or strategies help you succeed? 

Jamie Raintree’s writing spreadsheet is a fabulous tool and motivation. K.M. Weiland’s Helping Writers Become Authors blog and her books are some of the best craft advice out there. Awesome. Similarly, Roz Morris’s Nail Your Novel series and blog are teh best. And she’s so generous with her time and advice. Finally, attending conferences and conventions have been a big help. I learn metric tonnes at each one 🙂 The networking isn’t half bad either.

And there you have it.

See you on Tuesday for my Tipsday writing curation.

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8 thoughts on “Wordsmith Studio homecoming blog hop number three

  1. Melanie, I was glad to read your post – thanks for sharing and participating in the hop. I agree with you on Roz Morris — I know we run into each other, commenting on her shares. She gives great tools. Best to you, moving forward!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your writerly wisdom, tools, and links, Melanie! Have you done a blog post about how to actually adapt Jamie’s spreadsheet? I’m kind of nincompoop at figuring out how to use it.

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    • I haven’t, but I could . . . thanks for the idea 😉 I’m just familiar with Excel b/c the day job requires it. There are a lot of people who are intimidated by it, though. I’ll see if I still have the blank version of the spreadsheet and maybe I can cobble sommat together for you.

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  3. I agree with the “every word is a victory”…when I find myself feeling down and discouraged I look back at all the great stuff I’ve written just waiting for me to find a way to share it beyond just a blog and my confidence is restored.

    The links in #8 look interesting and worth checking out.

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    • Jamie’s spreadsheet has kind of revolutionized how I understand my process and it’s a big motivator. Once you see what you’re capable of in terms of word count, you have concrete evidence of your improvement. Katie and Roz are the two writers from whom I’ve learned the most. I’ve read their books as well (both fiction and writing craft), and couldn’t recommend them more highly.


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