Wordsmith Studio third anniversary blog hop

Alrightie, then!

Three years ago, Wordsmith Studio got its start.

WSS Homecoming 2015

Here’s my interview:

1. Are you a WSSer (a member of Wordsmith)? If so, sound off about how long you’ve been a member, your favourite way to participate, or anything you’ve missed if you’ve been away. We’re not your mother/father… there will be no guilt about how long since your last call.

I was with WSS from the start. I’m a founding member. I’ve only contributed one post to the collective, however. Life is busy. No excuses. Just facts. I have enough trying to keep up with the day job, my blog, and, what’s most important, my writing. Oh, and there’s that pesky family thing, too 😀

2. What medium do you work in? For our writing folks, are you currently working on fiction, poetry or non-fiction, or a combination? Anyone YA or mystery or thriller or…?

I started off getting published as a poet, and won a few short story contests. Now, I’m writing fantasy novels—yes, that was plural—and science fiction short stories. I continue to blog about aspects of the writing life that are important to me.

3. What’s the name of your current project (ok multitaskers, give us your main one)?

Initiate of Stone is my epic fantasy. I’m currently in my last revision (for now—I know there will be much more coming) prior to diving into the query process later this spring. I know, I’ve been saying that forever, haven’t I?

4. What is your favourite detail, sentence or other bit you’ve written lately?

Gah! I have to pick just one? OK. Here’s the opening of a recent short story:

“I wander endless halls, time compressed by shimmering walls, thought slowed by the dance of acrylic and oil over canvas, memory smothered by ephemera. There are only three floors and a block of conjoined buildings, but the halls twist and turn back upon themselves. I can walk for hours staring at the art and collectibles, which change regularly, and then stare at the plastic card in my hand, wondering which of the rooms I’ve passed is mine.”

5. Any obstacles or I-hate-this-chapter moments?

ALL. THE. TIME. I constantly doubt myself. I just keep writing anyway. It’s what we do.

6. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned lately from your writing?

Last year I experimented with working on multiple projects. I tried different approaches, but have realized that realistically, I can only work on two projects at a time (aside from blogging and writing short stories) and that they have to be at different stages of development. I can draft one novel and revise another, but I can’t draft two novels at the same time. It requires too much of the same kind of creative energy.

7. In what ways do you hope to grow in the next 6 months/year?

I want to become the bionic writer. I want to be faster, stronger . . . 😀 You get the idea.

8. In what ways do writing friends and communities help you do that?

I learn from everything I do and from everyone I meet. You might say I’m addicted.

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Since I didn’t blog this past weekend, I thought I’d get this posted for you.

And Tipsday will be coming up tomorrow. This will be interesting. I haven’t prepared my weekly posts in advance. This might hurt a bit . . .

8 thoughts on “Wordsmith Studio third anniversary blog hop

  1. Melanie, I’m so glad you participated in the anniversary blog hop. I was wondering how your work was going. It sounds like you’re accomplishing a lot. Let me know if you have any ideas for what prompts should include in the other blog hops this month. Maybe we’ll end up making it a regular (monthly) thing.


  2. It was nice reading about what you’ve been up to Melanie. Thanks for sharing your short story. That was great. I want to be a bionic writer too!

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  3. RE: I constantly doubt myself. I just keep writing anyway. It’s what we do.

    Glad I am not alone. 😀

    A friend recently became the latest to remind me I have plenty of publishable material and her encouragement re one of my proudest efforts, from 2 yrs ago, had led me to get out of my comfort and knowledge zone and take a tiny step forward.

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    • Kiril 🙂 Thanks for dropping by. I moderate my comments so they don’t show up right away. It allows me to cut out those extra bits of spam 😉 I’ll just delete your duplicate.
      Regarding uncertainty, I don’t think we can have an objective opinion or assessment of our own work. Uncertainty is just a professional hazard for a writer, but I think it’s the safer attitude to have. If you’re not uncertain, you may not see the places in your work that can be improved and you may not be open to constructive criticism. So we persevere 🙂 Break a pencil! And hug your kitties 🙂


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