Heck month and everwinter are almost over

This has been a demanding month for me. I’ve been out of town training for three out of the four weeks in March.

The one week I didn’t travel was technically a week off, but I scheduled it full of appointments that I’d had to put off because of work. It didn’t feel very much like a week off.

Of the four internal postings I’ve applied for in the past several months, I learned that I’ve been screened out of all of them, even the new posting for the consultant position that I actually performed for sixteen months. I’ve requested a couple of “informal discussions” about my exclusion, and I’ve applied for another position that was posted both internally and externally. We’ll see what comes of all that.

Rejection is disheartening, though. I know I shouldn’t take it personally, but I do. Like most large organizations, my employer’s hiring process leaves many things to be desired. In some ways, I wish for the days when I didn’t think advancement was possible, when I was content in my position making my own, somewhat subversive, way in the corporate world.

Add to the day-job concerns a writing workshop, a month-long creative promotion on Google plus, and my decision to start curating on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Mellie’s a bit tired. That seems to be the way of things, though. If you want to pursue what makes you passionate about life, you have to make sacrifices.

Fortunately, it looks like I’m going to be staying close to home, work-wise, for the foreseeable. I’ll still be training, monitoring new trainees, and overseeing a customized monitoring plan, but I’ll be working from my home office. I think I’ll be able to recover.

The sun has just set here, and though it’s been snowing and miserable forever (it seems) I have hope that the weather will improve. It’s not uncommon for us to have snow into April or even May, but this winter has been such a consistently snowy one, and freezing cold when it hasn’t been snowing, that it’s difficult to be optimistic.

Usually, we have some form of a break, a green Christmas, January thaw, or the sight of green in March, but this year it’s only been snow and cold. We haven’t had it as bad as some areas, but I think northern Ontario, heck, North America, is probably ready to say goodbye to this everwinter.

This is Writerly Goodness, shaking off the winter blahs.

snow can be pretty

It can be pretty, but I’m ready for it to melt 😉

Tomorrow will be another day.

9 thoughts on “Heck month and everwinter are almost over

  1. “Everwinter”… love that expression! Forecast for 5-10 cm for Southern Quebec tomorrow. We’ve had enough of the white stuff. And I understand your being disheartened by rejections/exclusions. My position is being cut and I have been rejected for 3 other roles. Not fun…


  2. Melanie, I can so relate to your feelings here. I didn’t mind the corporate world, except for a couple of points–politics and i destroying my health. Other than that, it worked out fine. 🙂 Rejection, I’ve decided, is the universe’s way of changing our path to something we really need to do and away from somting that didn’t help us grow.

    As an extended over-achiever without a brake on projects, take care to keep your head above water. It’s easy to drown when you don’t say NO to every project that comes along. Experience has taught me that.

    Hang in there. All seasons end sooner or later. 🙂


    • I was posting in part, I think, because I felt the sea change, the waters swirling and shimmering in anticipation. It’s how things often work with me. By the time I’m ready to express what I’m feeling, I’ve already come to terms with it somehow.
      Still, I would love to leave all the politics and struggle behind. It does affect my health. Just let me do what I love, and it will be well done. The rest of it can just go hang 😉


      • I remember how that worked. Unfortunately, my timetable never matched those of other people. I suppose it’s still that way for me.

        Have a great week, Melanie. Let hang all those things that don’t work for you. That’s my motto anymore. 🙂


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