The leave begins

I’m going to be a bit scarce, or scarcer that I have been recently.

I have my time off and I’m going to use it to catch up on a few projects/straighten out my head.

What’s up:

It’s taken much longer than I intended, but I am coming down to the final, final, FINAL revision of Initiate of Stone before I send her off to the editor who expressed interest last year and to a few select beta readers.  I’m going to be revising my pitch/query and start targeting Agents and small publishers.

I’ll be attending the Surrey International Writers’ Conference from October 25-7, and I have a pitch session booked with the wonderful Kristin Nelson (squee!)  I’m very excited, but after putting IoS to bed (for now) I will likely spend the next week prepping for SiWC.  I’m going to be reviewing my idea files for what I want to work on next.

While I wait to hear back from editors/agents/publishers about IoS, I’m going to be starting on/returning to other novel-length projects like Gerod and the Lions.

Come November, though, I’m going to be tackling another project for NaNoWriMo (!)  I only have until the 19th off, but I’m thinking it’s time to get something else up and out there.  This may be the idea file project I choose to prep for SiWC.

So that’s pretty much my writing ambitions.

I have said that I would participate in Khara House’s October Submit-o-Rama, and even participated in Kasie Whitener’s Just Write 2013 challenge for the purpose, but I’m not going to go out of my way to get a pile of short stories submitted.

If it happens, it happens.  I have some markets targeted, but I want to focus on my novels.  That’s where I need to be.

On a more personal note, I’m going to be trying to work in a little more physical activity.  I’ve gained weight just in the six weeks since I quit smoking.  It’s not good.  The clothes are tight.  And I haven’t been as faithful with implementing new habits as I was with changing the old.  I need something that will work with my life when I go back to the day-job.  This bears some thought.

I have no doubt that when I do go back, things will be as hectic as ever, so the new fitness routine has to be something that will let me get the sleep I need, get all the housework and daily chores done, and still accommodate work and writing.  And then there’s all that TV I like to watch 😛

I need to finish off my household clean-up (which stalled in September) and try to get the gardens into some kind of order before the snow falls.  I have a few projects I’d like to get to as well: 2 ceiling fans to install, my office door to strip and refinish, and one of our external doors to repaint.  I’m also looking at some storage fixes, cabinets for the bedroom and bathroom, and a new bookshelf for my office.

These last I’m not going to rush, since I think I’ll have enough with my trip to Surrey, another shortish trip to visit a friend in southern Ontario, and all the writing I want to do.

And then there’s Writerly Goodness.  I’m thinking it’s time for a face-lift, and maybe a new

English: Epic Win title card.

English: Epic Win title card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

name.  My domain will remain the same, but I’m thinking that a more appropriate name might be Totally Epic, or Epic Win (for my interest in epic fantasy).

I could go with something more general because I’m not just about the epic fantasy, I have urban fantasy, YA and MG, science fiction, and even some cross-over type novels in my idea file.  Plus I still write poetry and short stories, some of which are not speculative at all.

How about Improbable Possibilities (one definition of SF), or Speculations on Fiction?  There are some old suggestions: Phigment’s (Phigment is an imaginary dragon—the site would belong to her), or MelanieM/Millennium.  This last was from a friend who realized saying MelanieM sounds an awful lot like millennium.  Does something else present itself to you as clever?  I think I might just put a poll in my post this week 😉

A number of recent writer interviews have been delayed, perhaps indefinitely, so I probably won’t be posting much more than once a week (outside of SiWC, which I hope to blog and maybe even Twitter).  If I have nothing to offer by way of updates, I may not post at all in any given week.

Just to let you know.  I’m still here, but I’m going to be trying to shift my focus away from the interwebz for a bit and get back to the reason I started this whole platform-building gig in the first place—my writing.

I’ve been seeking balance for some time.  Maybe I’ll find it in the next five weeks?  Who knows?

Thanks for your patronage, and for your patience.

12 thoughts on “The leave begins

  1. I like Improbably Impossibilities, Melanie. How exciting about your book. I’m on my last revision also, then I’m going to send it to some trusted sources for their opinion – we’ll see from there!! Keep up with the non-smoking – you’re doing great 😉


  2. I’m getting ready to reboot my blog as well. I just moved from free WordPress to a HostGator account. Now for the tweaking! Writing Space will be archived on the site using the categories and menus as a way to segregate the older posts without losing them. The main blog will be Lara Britt Writes (my FaceBook fan page as well as my Twitter handle). My tagline will be “Around & About Hawaii” …my general goodness is here but my followers will have the option of subscribing to one of my niches. Still a work in progress, but I thought my process might help yours. I voted to keep Writerly Goodness but give it a facelift and use your other ideas as categories.


      • With multiple menus you can give the categories their own page. With an email set up with MailChimp or Aweber your subscribers can choose which ones to follow. As I said, I’m still in shutdown mode, still recovering from the accidents, but I’m hobbling (literally & figuratively) in that direction. Congratulations on your novel! And keep your Writerly Goodness coming.


  3. Much success to you, Melanie. I need to pull back on Social Media, too. I’m not sure about a name for your site. I do think you should have a definite feeling that it is the perfect name before you change it. You need to feel a big YES! about a new name. See you around the web.


  4. Good luck. Whichever name you go with, make it something general enough for all your writing styles. Maybe Millenium Writer.

    As for the workout, I know what you mean. Because I’ve needed to read more lately for inspiration, I’ve started walking on the treadmill for an hour while reading, then stretching. I figure, at least it’s something.


    • I have some time to figure things out, with respect to the blog name. I’ll probably have another poll coming up sometime about a new header/seasonal set. As much as I love my Nu, I don’t write about dogs (much) and I’m not a pet-blogger. So I think it will be enough to keep her as site mascot 🙂
      The workout will or won’t happen as it will. I can’t force it. I only hate working out then 😛
      Thanks for the good luck wish. I’m sure I’ll need it before this is all over 😉


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