Sundog snippets: The other thing

Sundog snippet

Real quickie here.

Just posting to let everyone know (and hope that you all keep me accountable): I’m quitting smoking.

Phil is too, and already this morning, we did the circle and snarl.  This evening he snapped at the dog.

Day one is almost over though.  It can only get easier.

Other than feeling a little “floaty,” I think I’m doing well.

Come Tuesday, I’m heading out of town, training for the day job.  My hope is that by the time I get back, we’ll be done our initial and respective detoxes, and things will be looking up.

Our motivation?  Phil added up what we spend on cigarettes between the two of us for the year: over $8,000.  That could have covered all our contingencies this year (Nuala’s ALC repair, the gazebo, Bucket).  Instead, we put everything on credit cards and then transferred it to the line of credit after.

We really couldn’t afford all this.

With the elimination of smoking, though, that $8k can go toward the line of credit and/or the credit cards to keep our debt down and eventually reduce it to $0.

The goal is lofty, but we’re going to do our best.

Wish us luck!!!!!

Stop Smoking - Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking – Quit Smoking (Photo credit: Free Photo Fun)

11 thoughts on “Sundog snippets: The other thing

    • Thanks, Sandy 🙂 I’ll keep an eye on those milestones. I’m pretty confident about me. A little shakey about Phil, and at sea about what it’ll do to our relationship. Following a firm duck-and-cover, keep-your-mouth-shut policy. Hopefully it’ll keep me out of trouble long enough to make this thing work.


  1. you’ve got this! it’s not easy and the cravings ebb and flow; sometimes you’ll be completely ambushed, but you can so do it!!!!


  2. Good luck! I don’t know if you watch Gail Vaz-Oxlade, or have read her blog or her books (if not, I highly recommend you do!) but she would suggest that if you want to keep motivated, and actually do the savings take the money you would spend each week on cigarettes and put it into an actual savings account. You’ll see the money add up quickly. And when it does, then you will have the added incentive to stick with it when you’re both snappy.


    • Well, the $$ will be going right on our line of credit. Watching the balance shrink will be our reward. Since I do most of the money management, though, I’m thinking of making Phil pay off his credit card and make his payment to the line of credit himself. Not right away, of course … I’m going to let the nic-fittery calm down a bit first 😉


  3. As a smoker who currently gets through about 400 cigs a week £120.00 ($180.00 ?) I wish you the very best of luck. You have the best motivation of all on your side- wanting to. I even paid for hypnotherapy to try and had a great sleep followed by a cigarette. My problem was/is I don’t really want to give up but if I did I’m sure £6000 a year might just buy me a small holiday. lol
    Every finger is crossed for you both. xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • There is no good time to do this kind of thing. I’m still not sure if Phil expected me to take him up on his suggestion to quit. Nor do I understand what possessed me to think that we could do this at the same time without killing one another! Ah well. A day at a time. We’ll manage.
      You’ve got talented fingers!
      Thanks for the support, David 🙂


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