The yard, she be nekkid!

Well, not really, but while I was away training trainers, the excellent and knowledgeable arborists at Tamarack Expert Tree Care took down six trees in our back yard.






As you can see, there is still a honeysuckle and a few pin cherry trees back there, so it’s not completely nekkid, but my lovely (but potentially deadly) ladies are gone.  Also, my hostas and ferns were trampled (sorry, wasn’t going to move them—they’ll survive) and my mom’s fence lost a couple of boards.

A moment of silence, please.

Now we’ll be able to get the patio set up and I’ll be writing outside every nice evening and weekend through to the fall!

It’s been a rainy weekend here, but it’s one of my favourite times of year.  Yesterday afternoon when things dried up a bit, the breeze was pulling in the scents of lilac and honeysuckle from all around the house.

6 thoughts on “The yard, she be nekkid!

  1. There’s nothing like writing outside, it seems to stimulate all your senses at once! It’s getting colder here so I’ll stick to writing from the couch and my new found cafe for now! Happy writing x


  2. So sad. I HATE to lose trees!!! But sometimes I guess it has to be done. We have a huge maple tree in our front yard that I love, but I know we’re going to have to cut it down this year or next. Le sigh.

    Sorry for your loss! I hope you’ll plant something there that makes you happy. 🙂


    • Thanks, Erin. It’s not so bad. We have a honeysuckle and several pin cherries. We don’t really want to plant more trees. They would interfere with the gazebo we’re going to put up. Eventually any tall trees would run into the same problem. We’re dealing.


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