Thoughty Thursday: Popping your mental corn, Feb 19-25, 2023

Welcome March and the coming of spring by getting your mental corn popping.

Vicky Mochama says Black communities have known about mutual aid all along. Another pick from the archives for Black History Month. The Walrus

Matthew Wills says even the best Jim Crow school … was still a Jim Crow school. JSTOR Daily

Troy Sebastian/Nupqu ʔa·kǂ am̓ reports on the Nuchatlaht First Nation: how a legal battle could change land rights for good. The Walrus

Betsy Golden Killam: Mills Panoram and Soundies. JSTOR Daily

Sarah Gibbens and Amy McKeever list the top ten things to know about Mardi Gras. National Geographic

UEA scientists make breakthrough for next generation cancer treatment. University of East Anglia

Esteban Pardo: Germany’s Düsseldorf patient cured of HIV. Deutsche Welle

Guy Kawasaki interviews Jessica Wade about advocating for gender diversity in science. The Remarkable People Podcast

New aurorae found on Jupiter’s four largest moons. W.M. Keck Observatory

NASA’s planetary radar captures detailed view of oblong asteroid. Forgive me for being heretical, but it looks like a bobbing turd (!) Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Will Dunham reports that galaxies spotted by JWST rewrite understanding of early universe. Reuters

Space travel influences the way the brain works. Liège University

Bouncing seismic waves reveal distinct layer in Earth’s inner core.

Nathaniel Scharping: paleotsunami detectives hunt for ancient disasters. So cool. Hakai

April Nowell explains what it was like to grow up in the last ice age. Aeon

The ancient promise of water. Archaeology Magazine

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