Thoughty Thursday: Popping your mental corn, Feb 5-11, 2023

We’re rounding the bend to the weekend. It’s time to get your mental corn popping 🙂

Charmaine A. Nelson: the Canadian narrative about slavery is wrong. From 2020, but a good reminder. The Walrus

Ashawnta Jackson reveals the connection between secret societies and the fight for Black freedom. JSTOR Daily

Justin Gamble: MRIs show poverty and racism may alter brain development in Black children. CNN

Guy Kawasaki interviews Gretchen Carlson about how to be fierce. The Remarkable People Podcast

Dr. Alfredo Carpineti says major breakthrough paves the way for more powerful quantum computers today. IFLS

Hubble captures the start of a new spoke season at Saturn. NASA

Will Dunham: astronomers astonished by rings around frigid distant world Quaoar. Reuters

Partly melted rock under Earth’s surface offers insight into what makes plate tectonics possible. Brown University

Jules Bernstein reports that fungi and bacteria are binging on burnt soil. UC Riverside

Rita Da Silva is taking is slow: what turtles can teach us about living longer. The Walrus

Eloisa Lopez: love of sea turtles turns poachers into protectors. Reuters

Martha Henriques introduces us to the unknown giants of the deep oceans. BBC

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to took away something to inspire a future creative project.

Until my next chapter weekly update, be well and stay safe; be kind and stay strong. The world needs your stories!