Thoughty Thursday: Things that made me go hmmmm on the interwebz, June 14-20, 2015

A couple of fraught issues to start you off today, and then we move through psych and science to some feel-good at the end.

Jon Stewart on the Charleston church shooting:

The RCMP report that there have been 1,118 missing or murdered aboriginal women since 1980. CTV News.

13 brave, indigenous women share their stories of how they almost joined the missing. McLean’s.

Delilah S. Dawson isn’t going to tear you down. She’s going to build you up. Whimsy Dark.

Can diet shape your mental health? Gives a whole new meeting to ‘you are what you eat’ 🙂 The Globe and Mail.

The genetic link between creativity and mental illness has been found. Collective Evolution.

Why Finland’s teachers are different. The Guardian.

They’ve discovered the compound responsible for ‘old person smell.’ Mental Floss.

The link between stress, creativity, and orgasm: Naomi Wolf writes about the vagina in her new book. BrainPickings.

Take a look at this adorable octopus. What are scientists thinking of naming it? Adorabilis 🙂 BoredPanda.

How jellyfish put themselves back together. The National Geographic.

How does a creature reproduce when it’s actually four creatures? On man o’ wars and other siphonophores. i09.

Kayakers have a close encounter with a whale 🙂

Dogs will snub people who are mean to their owners. IFLS.

Kangaroos are lefties (and why handedness is rare in animals). The National Geographic.

I shared a post a few weeks ago about how mice were shown to have inherited their parents’ fears. Well, here’s another article on the subject. Science Gymnasium.

NASA is one step closer to its mission to Europa. i09.

Dr. Michelle Thaller: We are all dead stars. The Atlantic.

Yes, androids do dream of electric sheep. The Guardian.

Darwin’s grandfather once thought up a plan that would destroy the world. i09.

The Barra McNeils and Ashley McIsaac in Windsor:

Hope you have lots of great ideas this week!

See you Saturday.

Thoughty Thursday

4 thoughts on “Thoughty Thursday: Things that made me go hmmmm on the interwebz, June 14-20, 2015

  1. Jon Stewart really set the mood for me today. Why does the U.S. create such a plethora of Nutjobs? Where are they learning all this hate, why does it always have to involve killing the innocent? And afterwards, from what I read, the people of the Emanuel chapel should have had a greater degree of support from the Pastors of white churches in the area. I was glad to see there was some support by way of attendance from the white community.
    I was as always very impressed by the Finnish School System. Since this so obviously works according to all the reports and gradings, I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t run this system. Education is the key to everything our young will do in life, we should give them the best. Maybe such an education will lessen the chances of another nutjob attack on a society from within.
    xxx Huge Hugs for all your efforts Melanie xxx

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    • Glad the thoughty struck a chord (or two?) with you, David.
      I actually think that the United States spawns about the same number of nutjobs as the rest of the world. There are just so many more of them with such a free press machine behind them that it in our faces a lot more.
      Scandiavian schools and teachers seem to rock in general. I know several teachers here in Canada, and they would love to have the kind of education system that fosters both kids and teachers rather than stifling them 😦
      Have a great weekend! HUGS!


    • Those whales are darned clever, aren’t they? I think they were just playing. They know humans need “water wings” (kayaks), so they were gentle. Like we’d be with kids 🙂


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