Sundog snippet: Stuff keeps happening . . . or not

It’s been a wild week.

Last week, Phil and I thought we’d made arrangements to have our sewer pipe dug up and replaced. Phil received a call from the city engineer on Wednesday saying that the pavers would have to proceed with the driveway soon. They’re at the end of the contract that includes the work on our property and they wanted to get at it.

So I called the contractor and he said that the hold up was because the locates hadn’t been done. Apparently they’re backed up, too.

The locate still hasn’t been done, the sewer pipe has not been replaced, and on Friday the paving company was making preparations to start work on the street.

So we’ll see how that goes.

Had a lovely lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in years on Thursday. It was awesome. We spent the whole afternoon talking about books and work and life.

On Friday, Phil prepared a Shepherd’s Pie and had just turned on the oven to warms everything through and brown the top. Mere minutes later, he says we have a fire, which I’m not sure how we would have handled as our extinguishers have both been discharged.

It wasn’t a fire, though. The element in the stove melted and vaporized toxic chemicals all over our supper 😦

So we went stove shopping on Saturday.

And Saturday night was the retirement party for two of my (now former) co-workers. It was another amazing night with friends.

Today, I wrangled Phil into helping me clean up the kitchen. And I mean clean up. We moved all the appliances and cleaned under them. We went through all the cupboards. Two garbage bags, three compost bags, and a number of small boxes of stuff to give away. It took all afternoon. Hence the lateness of this post.

So yeah. That’s been my non-writing week.

Sundog snippet