Caturday Quickies: The further adventures of hardy northern chick


After my adventure getting down to Toronto last week, I thought I’d had enough of an adventure.

Seems the universe disagreed with me.

On Monday night, I got stuck in one of the hotel elevators for an hour and a half.

This was a first for me. I’d heard of, and I’ve know of, many people who have been stuck in elevators over the years.  I’ve seen it countless times on television and in movies.

Another experience for the idea file 🙂

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I’m laid back. I’ll apologize in advance for the true story not being exciting, but here it is, for the record:

I was on the twelfth floor. I called the elevator, it arrived, I got on, and pressed the button for the main floor. The elevator descended, stopped, and then nothing happened.

I pressed the main floor button again, just in case. Nothing. I pressed the open door button. Nothing.

Swearing silently at my luck, I briefly considered hitting the “Alarm” button, but figured that it would only be loud and irritating, and I’d only be able to handle that for a handful of seconds before I went crazy.

So I looked around for some kind of call button, or an intercom. There was a phone behind a brass door beneath the button panel. I picked it up.

It connected me to the front desk. I explained my situation, and the desk clerk advised that he was sending his colleague down to reset the elevator in the control room.

They did that twice. I received three more calls from the front desk with status reports. I think I was expected to be claustrophobic, freak out somehow. The first reset had failed, and the second. They had called the service technician, but he was 45 minutes out from the hotel.

So I hunkered down on the floor and tried to get comfortable. What would be the point of When life gives you lemonsgetting upset?  I kind of dozed, but it was about as useful as trying to sleep on the red-eye back from Vancouver last fall.

The desk clerk called back as the technician opened the door to tell me that the technician had arrived. Um, yeah.

The technician advised me to jump for it. He was funny.

So that was my Monday night adventure.

It made for a great story in class the next morning: so what did you do last night?

And when I told Phil, he laughed at me. Nice one, dude.

By the way, what do you think of my first attempt at using Canva (for the picture)? From the user perspective, it wasn’t bad. Just getting used to the interface. Not sure if the wordage works either. It reflects my personality, but it’s a bit past its best before date 😛

Caturday Quickies

6 thoughts on “Caturday Quickies: The further adventures of hardy northern chick

  1. I know I shouldn’t laugh Melanie but I can’t help it. It’s not something I’ve heard of for years. I’m glad you were so laid back about it but hope the hotel at least offered you a coffee after the great escape.
    If Canva is the addition to the main picture on which you’ve written, i’s quite effective and doesn’t look at all old fashioned.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • Yes, well the hotel comped me a couple of nights on the parking, but that was about it. If I’d have freaked out, I’m sure I coupld have pushed it to a free night. The downside of being laid back 😦


    • Great idea, Sandra, but I didn’t have anything with me. Not even a notebook. You can only go so far in your head before your brain starts retreading the same material in an attempt to imprint it.


  2. Ouch… I’d love to be as laid back as you… I am very, very claustrophobic. I stop breathing just reading about your “adventure”. I worry about elevator malfunction every time I get into one.


    • Funny thing, that. For the rest of my stay, the malfunctioning elevator kept coming when I called 😛 After a few fraught rides, I told myself it was probably the best of the elevators now that it had been repaired (!)


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