Caturday quickies: The Conspiracy of Three reading series in North Bay

I went on a bit of a road trip on Tuesday evening with Kim Fahner and her friend Brenda—a poetic road trip!  Kim and our mutual friend Roger Nash had been invited to the Conspiracy of Three reading series in North Bay.

A word about the Conspiracy

Kim and I have both read at the Conspiracy before…like nearly twenty years ago (!) and on Tuesday, I learned that the series is close to twenty-five years old.  The reading series that preceded it (and out of which it emerged) ran for an even longer time.  So the Conspiracy has a long tradition in North Bay.

To the reading

The reading was hosted in the new location of the White Water Gallery and by Doyali Islam, who I met last year at the 100,000 poets for change event.

Also in attendance were Tim Robertson and his wife, Karin, Kevin Smith, and Natalie Wilson.

There was a brief discussion about upcoming events and the group’s concerns about Gulliver’s, a local book store that they’re trying to form a co-op for.  Otherwise, this independent book store might just disappear.

Kim and Roger were the featured readers.

KimSmilesTooKim was great, as usual, and managed to dig out a North Bay poem for the crowd.

Roger read from his recently published book of shYesRogerSmilesort stories, The Cobra and the Camera, and a few of his poems.

Afterward, the final set was for open mic participants.

I’m terrible with names, but aside from the curator of the gallery, there was a man who worked as a plumber whose poetic observations were witty and hilarious.  A young poet, Mary, I believe, was also quite good, but in the way of someone new to the reading experience, she needed to project her voice just a bit more.

It was a lovely night and the worst of the shadflies were over.  It started raining just as we arrived and stopped by the time we left.  While this mostly served to bring out the fishy smell of the shadflies, it was lovely and cool for the ride back to Sudbury.

4 thoughts on “Caturday quickies: The Conspiracy of Three reading series in North Bay

  1. I love road trips like this, Melanie. I hope the endeavours to save Gullivers succeeds – unfortunately local book stores like this one are disappearing everywhere.


    • Yes, the Gulliver’s situation is sad. We have no small book stores here in Sudbury. It’s Chapters, Costco, displays at grocery and other stores, or second hand. As one of the publishers at the CanWrite! conference said, books are now competing with groceries and other essentials for the buying dollar. Several small shops have opened and closed, without success.
      The poetic road trip was wonderful though.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Gemma 🙂


  2. It sounds like you had a great time there. It’s a fantastic idea to hold such an event that brings people together who will not only listen to each other work but understand the sometime difficulties of creating it, and can offer help and advice to ‘Newbies’ like Mary about her presentation. I hope it continues for many more years and grows bigger still.
    xx Massive Hugs xxx


    • Sudbury has had it’s own reading series in the past, but they’ve all faded out without the will or support to sustain them. There is a poetry and open mic night that takes place at the library, but I usually only find out about it the day before (if at all) and it’s on a week night, which makes it difficult to make time for when I’m trying to get my revisions finished (!)


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