Sundog snippets: quick update

First, happy Fathers’ Day!

Second, I’ve been away at the Canadian Authors Association CanWrite! conference 2013.  There was much writerly goodness to be shared, but no signal in the lecture hall, so I couldn’t Tweet the sessions as I’d hoped to.

I will be blogging them, however, even if after the fact, and just so I don’t get completely out of step, I’m going to be doing something I haven’t done in a very long time: I’m going to blog daily until I’ve got it all transcribed!

Also, there are big things happening with the CAA, and I’ll save that for the wrap post.

Michael Reaves’s Blood Kiss has been funded through Kickstarter at over $88,000.  The movie is a go, but there’s still much work to be done.  I’ll pass along updates as I receive them for those who were partial.

Though the Margie Lawson course is now over, I’m not going to blog it.  Unfortunately, after about the half-way mark in the month, I fell behind and have not finished the course.  The information was great and I would definitely recommend Margie, but I think the best way to experience her courses is to participate in one of her in-person intensives.  I think that’s a critical piece of the puzzle that I missed out on.

Also, I would suggest starting out with the EDITS system course.  It is the foundation of the other courses Margie teaches, and though you can purchase and download the course materials, I don’t think that it can be a substitution for the live Margie experience.

I received my contract from On Spec this week.  This was the happy-dancing news I received back in April.  They wish to purchase one of my stories for the publication (over the moon).  On Spec is one of the most respected and longest running speculative fiction magazines in Canada.  It is a true pleasure to be honoured with their acceptance.

I manages a couple of submissions so far this month.  Things are definitely looking up 🙂

I’ll be posting an interview with Anthony Armstrong shortly.

Back in a few.  True Blood starts shortly and I have to book to make that deadline 🙂

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