Bits and pieces

First: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Though my mom was adopted, she was of Irish descent.  It was something my grandfather liked to tease her about.  So though my last name is Finnish, I claim Irish into the mix and feel very proud to do so.  Besides, isn’t everyone Irish on St. Patrick’s Day?

Second: Remembering Dad

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was entering my “season of sorrow.”  The first of the sad anniversaries passed last Thursday, March 14th with Dad’s birthday.  He would have been 73 this year (I think, I’m beginning to lose track—it’s shameful).

I posted this to Facebook on the day, but I wanted to post it again, just because.


Third: Mini Pupdate

I’d hoped not to have to write any more about Nuala in the near future, but it seems she now has a urinary infection, poor dear.  The snow reveals clear signs of blood in her urine 😦

We decided to take her off the Metacam last month, and the blood tests confirmed that her liver was being compromised by long-term use.  She’s still been limping, but it’s different than it was before.  Now we’re fairly confident that it is the arthritis in her knee that’s causing the her hobble, and we were looking to see if we could find some other treatment for her joint issues without resorting to the same kinds of medication (with the same kinds of side-effects).

So we’ll be making another appointment for Nu this week to see if we can figure out what she has.  It will be interesting and possibly messy getting the urine sample from her to get a proper diagnosis.

Have you ever had to collect pee from a female dog?  I have.  Interesting and messy is the nice way of putting it.

Best for Last: Upcoming excitement

This past week, I was contacted by a local writer who will be publishing her first young adult fantasy novel in May.  Her cover reveal is Wednesday, so I’m going to break the “weekend only” blogging rule to publish an interview with her on Tuesday.  I hope that you’ll all give a warm Writerly Goodness welcome to Hally Willmott!

A life sentence with mortal punctuation will continue next weekend as well, and I’ll keep you up to date with all things writerly as I continue on my journey toward publication.

That’s it for today.  Off to Mom’s for stew.  Is it Mulligan?  Don’t know, but it will be tasty 🙂  Kim, need you to make me some soda bread!  Or share the recipe?  All out of Guinness!  Oh, ‘tis a sad St. Patrick’s without Guinness!

Have a happy week, everyone!

Writerly Goodness, signing off *wags*


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