Caturday Quickies: Pupdate

Since the last time I blogged about my dear Nuala, we’ve had two veterinary appointments.  The first was on February 14, a month after the surgery.  I ferried Nu out to the Valley for her appointment with Dr. Hoscheit.

At that time, I was informed that Nu was doing well and that I could begin to walk her again.  Ten minutes, twice a day to start, graduating to twenty minutes, twice a day, then thirty, then a return to full activity.

Well, since she started having her difficulties, I’d cut Nu’s activity to a single twenty minute walk in the morning.  So I figured I’d just return to that activity and that we’d gradually reintroduce her to the stairs at my mom’s place, and hopping up of the bed and couch again.

We also started adding glucosamine to her food.  It’s stinky (green-lipped mussel extract) and she loves it.  Isn’t it funny/sad/wonderful how our pets can disappoint us so, just by being themselves?

I’ve always thought it odd that while dogs have these amazing olfactory powers, that it makes the smelly stuff more attractive (barf, poo, dead animals, unidentifiable fungus, other disgusting stuff).

It’s a dog rule, I guess.  Stinky = yum!  And I love Nu, even if she occasionally has poo-mouth.  I just don’t let her kiss me 😛

This past week, Phil and I took our pup to her regular vet, Dr. Wilkinson.  Dr. Hoscheit retired from his practice at the end of February.  We were lucky to get Nhappypupu in before he left.

So post-operative blood work was ordered, the sample taken, and we decided to take Nu off the Metacam to see how she would manage.  She has a lot of arthritis in her knee.  A lot.  So we’re going to wait and see.

So basically, life is kind of back to normal at the Marttila-Minaker household.

We’re happy to have our girl back to her usual antics.


Caturday Quickies

4 thoughts on “Caturday Quickies: Pupdate

  1. Awwwww, I’m so pleased she’s doing well 🙂

    I’ve got a cream that’s made with the green lipped muscle extract, to rub on my arthritis. I wonder if they do it for humans in oral form? Then again, if it smells that bad 😉



    • Thanks, Sylvie. Phil and I are CBC (childless-by-choice – I like that initialism better than the acronym DINK – dual-income-no-kids), so our pets have a special place in our hearts 🙂


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