Sundog snippets: Spring is finally here!

So … spring has finally arrived in northern Ontario, but the black flies and mosquitoes have me hiding inside.  I also find that I’m not as motivated by outdoor tasks as I once was.

One thing I’d usually start doing is set up my outdoor writing spot, A.K.A. the patio, but this year, Phil and I have made the decision to rid ourselves of some potentially dangerous, though lovely, trees.

We have a stand of 6 birches that have in recent years been dropping what Phil describes as “widow-makers.”  If someone gets hit by one of those, it’s game over.  Plus, they’re older than I am and if one of them should rot and fall (which happens with old birches) they could damage either our house, or my mom’s.

Soon to be departed trees

These are the birches and poplar

They’re about 30 feet high.  The poplar (actually a large-toothed aspen) is coming down incidentally, because of its proximity to the birches and to my mom’s house.  Last year, we had to trim it back, rather it had to be trimmed back by the roofers because it overhung Mom’s roof and would have damaged the new shingles otherwise.

The poplar can be pretty

The poplar’s rather pretty in spring, with its new silvery leaves and catkins hanging down.

The work will be done on May 29th, while I’m away, but I’ll come home to a new view and that weekend, Phil and I will set up the patio.

Another sign of spring that always happens around the Victoria Day Long Weekend is the blooming of the pin cherry trees.  The blooms don’t last long, but they are glorious while they last.

Pin cherries in bloom

They herald the coming of the lilacs (in about a week).

Lilacs on the way

I have a massive bunch of rhubarb.  I need to take some in for the girls at work.  If they can help me get through some of it this year, it will be a good thing.  We always have so much more than we can use.

My massive rhubarb

And one final gift: my one perfect tulip.

My one perfect tulip

Sundog snippet