Thoughty Thursday: Popping your mental corn, Jan 30-Feb 5, 2022

Another week, another opportunity to get your mental corn popping.

Alisha Ebrahimji, Holly Yan, and Paul P. Murphy: “I’m just tired of being terrorized like my grandparents were.” More than a dozen HBCUs got bomb threats on the first day of Black History Month. CNN

Omar Jimenez: former officer who shot Laquan McDonald leaves prison. CNN

Julie Hollar: NYT twists stats to insist we need more policing. Fair

Lexi McMenamin: fast-food workers are getting shot on the job. Teen Vogue

Paul Solotaroff introduces us to the man who spent 25 years infiltrating Nazis, the Klan, and biker gangs. Here’s what he learned about far-right extremists in America. Rolling Stone

Terry Trembath reports that puppeteer born in Tsuut’ina Nation says work on Fraggle Rock reboot a dream come true. CBC

The brain trick that makes video possible. Be Smart

Raimund Muscheler explains how ancient ice reveals mysterious solar storm. Lund University

A supermassive black hole forming new stars. Dr. Becky

Katie Hunt introduces us to the man who can explain the first 3 billion years of life on our planet. CNN

Katie Hunt reports that 99-million-year-old flowers found perfectly preserved in amber once bloomed at the feet of dinosaurs. CNN

How you could survive (and prosper) in the Middle Ages.

Ann Powers presents this tiny desk (home) concert by Tori Amos. NPR

True facts about the proboscis monkey. Ze Frank

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you took away something to inspire a future creative project, or that you were educated or entertained by this round up. Maybe both?

Until next tipsday, be well and stay safe; be kind and stay strong. The world needs your stories!

Thoughty Thursday: Things that made me go hmmmm on the interwebz, Feb 5-11, 2017

I hope this batch of thoughty pops your mental corn (i.e. sets off a chain reaction that results in awesome creativity)!

Why the Middle Ages are called the dark ages.

Dr. Dark Age begins a series on the “Dark Enlightenment” on Public Medievalist with this post: a brief history of a terrible idea. Fascinating reading. The gist is this: “’Dark Enlightenment’ (DE) is a theory dreamed up by self-styled Internet philosophers who claim to trace modern-day problems to the end of the Middle Ages. According to DE proponents, the Enlightenment’s humanism, democracy, and quest for equality are responsible for the decay of Western civilization.”

Simon Segal reports on the case of the curious crystal weapons (sorry to max out the alliteration there). Curious Mind Magazine

Lady Gaga on GoalCast: remember who you are.

Leroy Little Bear: Canada is a pretend nation. REDxTalks

Sylvia Van Kirk relates the tale of Thanadelthur, the Chipewyan known as “Slave Woman.” Canada’s History Mel’s note: Thanadelthur’s life and deeds were recorded primarily by the white men whom she helped. Keep this in mind as you read.

Robert Kolker introduces us to Thomas Hargrove, a life-long “data guy” who’s working on an algorithm that identifies trends in unsolved murders. Bloomberg Businessweek

Cade Metz says the danger of artificial intelligence isn’t Skynet, but the end of the middle class. Wired

Bad astronomer Phil Plait has moved to SyFyWire and shares this amazing image of Jupiter from below. Later in the week, Phil turns his gaze earthward to examine the mysterious blue jets that blast up from certain storm clouds. Then, he offered some tips on how to best see Friday’s penumbral lunar eclipse. Sadly, it was a snowy night here in the Sudz, and I couldn’t see a thing 😦

Anna Vlasits introduces us to the secret, skin-powered alphabet of squid. Wired

Short, but sweet, I hope you agree 🙂

See you on the weekend with more WorldCon reportage.

Be well, be kind, and stay strong!