Thoughty Thursday: Things that made me go hmmmm on the interwebz, Feb 14-20, 2016

Feeling light headed again this week.

Anna Lovind: When will you be enough?

The opposite of rape culture is nurturance culture. Dating tips for the feminist man.

This revolutionary cancer therapy yields extraordinary results in human trials. When are some of these therapies going to make it to the public? IFLS.

Irish Archaeology shares photos of Ireland in the 1930s.

Vikings didn’t dress the way we thought. With the return of the History series Vikings, this past week, this article caught my attention. EurekAlert!

Hunting with wolves helped humans outsmart Neanderthals. The Guardian.

The BBC presents striking images of our solar system.

Rosetta’s comet is ‘fluffy.’ Phil Plait for Slate.

And that is your teeny tiny thoughty Thursday.

See you Saturday, for realsies, this time.

Thoughty Thursday

Thoughty Thursday: Things that made me go hmmmm on the interwebz, December 6-12, 2015

Here is your Thoughty for the week.

Colin Gautrey writes about women and bullying for Learn to Influence.

48 things women hear in a lifetime that men don’t:


The Ross Spiral Curriculum. This is kind of mind-blowing.

Emily Hill explores the world of Maori tattooing, or moko, for Wanderlust.

John Hooper unravels the history of the Etruscans for The Guardian.

Phil Plait shares his video of the moon occulting Venus on Slate. Beautiful.

Watch whales swim under the northern lights on NBC News.

Ethnobeat Irkusk percussion groups plays the Baikal Ice.


Story Travelers take a road trip across the UNESCO world heritage sites of Ireland.


Disturbed covers Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence.” Shivers. Rock ‘n’ Roll World Magazine.

It’s kawaii time!

Animals who think they’re puppies:


Hope you enjoyed your edutainment!

See you Saturday for more CanCon 2015 reportage 🙂

Thoughty Thursday

Thoughty Thursday: Things that made me go hmmmm on the interwebz May 25-31, 2014

First, a little titter (get your minds out of the gutter–or don’t, if you like it there–I just didn’t mean it that way).

The acronym S.H.I.T. applies to those Thursdays when you get up joyfully, thinking it’s actually Friday. Then, your spouse turns to you and says, Sorry Honey, It’s Thursday. SHIT. So, Phil and I have taken to calling Thursday, turd’s day.

Second, a little edumacation.

SHIT, in the example above is, in fact, an acronym. It forms a pronounceable word. CBC, on the other hand, which stands for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, is an initialism, because you can’t make a word out of it. This is the difference between an acronym and an initialism. Which to you use more of every day? The latter, I’ll bet.

It’s funny. Spell check doesn’t recognize the word ‘initialism.’

So on to the thoughty, already!


In the wake of last week’s shooting, Chuck Wendig was moved to write this post.

Pachamama invites you to explore how mindfulness helps you deal with negative thoughts.

This tiny potato might help too. Emily’s Diary. Do all the things.

Meteorology unveils archaeology near Galway, Ireland. Irish Central.

And again, from Irish Central, a 5000 year old monument is vandalized.

The Icarus is a worldship currently in research and development. It’s darned cool science, too.

Jake Dunsbridge does a spot on imitation of Matt Smith in his last moments as the Doctor.


What can I say? It wasn’t a terribly thoughty week, I guess.

It’s all writerly goodness, though.

Here’s hoping something twigs, inspires, or simply entertains.

Thoughty Thursday

Thoughty Thursday: Things that made me go hmmmm on the interwebz March 9-15, 2014

Thoughty ThursdayJust so you’ll have this straight, Tipsday is for writing-related finds and Thoughty Thursday will be for other interesting stuff. It’ll be a mix of science articles, health articles, and other stuff that might be cool for inspiration or research. Info of the public service announcement variety may appear here as well (I have my causes). Occasionally, there might be a music or other fun video in there, ‘cause you know, we all love the YouTube 😉

Oh, and BTW, happy spring, though up here in Sudbury, we’ve just had 10-15 cm of snow 😦 This is what the first day of spring looks like up here:


First day of spring in Sudbury

So here we go in 3, 2, 1—

Otters are bad-ass:

David Brin shared this next amazing blog post and video.

Mr. Science, A.K.A. the hubbie, informs me that the ribosome moves around far more chaotically, directed by something called Brownian motion and bumps into the transfer molecules until it finds the one it needs for the sequence.

Still, this is supposed to be “real time,” so imagine how quickly everything is moving about in the stew that is you 😉

I love genetics.

One of the places I’d love to spend a month in someday. ‘Twas a lead-up to St. Patrick’s Day.

Clara Hughes, multi-Olympic gold medal winner in both summer and winter Olympics embarks on her latest journey to bring awareness to the issue of mental health. I admire this woman so much.

The overwhelmed employee is foreseen as one of the new crises of the modern workplace. This is hard, researchy stuff, but it’s actually pretty fascinating. From the day-job file.

The health hazards of sitting. I’m still researching a reasonably-priced standing desk solution for my office.

Felicia Day tweeted something. And then she had to write this post.

And this was just fun. Ooh-la-la!

The Benny Hill soundtrack just makes this one shine. Oh, no, he di’n’t!

Until next week, my wise and witty friends!