Thoughty Thursday: Things that made me go hmmmm on the interwebz, Oct 5-11, 2014

Psychology is back in the mix with a pile of interesting TED Talks.

What happened to #BringBackOurGirls? World Post.

How sleep patterns have changed over the years and why we might want to change back. Collective Evolution.

Andrew Solomon: Depression, the secret we all share. TED Talk.

JD Schramm on the silence surrounding suicide. TED Talk.

Eleanor Longden shares her journey from schizophrenia back to mental health. TED Talk.

Elyn Saks on her struggle with schizophrenia and what is taught her about seeing the mentally ill with compassion and clarity. TED Talk.

Vsauce answers the question, why are we morbidly curious? Three’s actually a fair amount of science and psychology backing this one up.


And as a follow up, here is Ask a Mortician, on the topic of necrophelia. It’s quite tastefully done, really.


Looks like climate change is escalating: 35,000 walrus gather in Alaska. National Geographic.

Remember Rikki Tikki Tavi? The Smithsonian Channel shared this video of the real thing:


i09 asks, are we over thinking the dangers of artificial intelligence?

David Brin on the spirit of exploration: comets, Pluto, Titan, and Mars. Contrary Brin.

Jackie Chan’s best story ever? Getting thrashed by Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon.


The Pentatonix cover Clean Bandit’s Rather Be:


Get thoughty with it, my friends 🙂

Thoughty Thursday


Thoughty Thursday: Things that made me go hmmmm on the interwebs, Sept 21-27, 2014

Fast Company presents this lovely infographic on humanity’s greatest architectural achievements since pre-history. Fascinating.

Geoglyphs found in Kazakhstan. IFLS.

How fire may cave shaped our preference for evening entertainment. The Economist.

Thirteen misconceptions about global warming from Veritasium.


The top ten unsolved mysteries of science. IFLS. Yes. There’s still stuff we don’t know 😉

The physics of space battles from It’s Okay to be Smart:


David Brin peers into the future of AI and robot brains. Contrary Brin.

Michio Kaku: Science fiction is becoming science fact.

Scientists band together to Stand up to Cancer. Upworthy.

We’re getting closer to finding a solution to spinal cord injuries. IFLS. Today, rats. Tomorrow, the world 🙂

Your brain makes decisions while you sleep. IFLS. This explains the 3 a.m. epiphany 🙂

Madness and the muse from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Is there a real connection between mental illness and creativity, or are we focusing on the wrong data? As a writer with depression who knows other writers with depression, I’m predisposed to the positive correlation. As Mr. Science likes to remind me, however, correlation is not scientific proof, and the numbers can be manipulated to say just about anything the person collecting them wants. Keep that in mind when you hear about “the latest study on . . .” whatever. While math is the basis of physics, and therefore the hard sciences, statistics tends to be the basis for many of the so-called soft sciences (psychology, sociology, etc.). Numbers can be manipulated by the clever statistician. I’m not saying they always are, but it’s something to think about.

A blood test for depression shows that the disease is not a matter of will. The Huffington Post.

This has been all over the web in the last week: Emma Watson’s speech at the UN on achieving gender equality. #HeForShe


There are seven kinds of English surnames according to Which do you have? Though my surname is Finnish, there’s a town in Finland called Marttila. It means St. Martin. So I have a surname based on a place.

Over 25 applications that can make your life easier from the TED blog.

Three Clydesdales born at Warm Springs Ranch.

And, kind of related, Budweiser’s latest anti-drinking and driving ad is a real tear-jerker. 93.1 WPOC.

This cat is an opera singer. Just add scratchies.


Batman Evolution from The Piano Guys. This is just cool. And it gave me the shivers.


Jimmy Fallon has so much fund with his guests. In this clip, the fabulous Robert Plant!


Sudbury has seen a lot of film crews in the last few years. Here’s a wee news clip about the latest shoot. CTV News Northern Ontario.

And that’s a wrap.

See you Saturday 🙂

Thoughty Thursday

Thoughty Thursday: Things that made me go hmmmm on the interwebz, Aug 17-23, 2014

I have a feeling that this week might be more along the lines of entertaining rather than thoughty, but we can’t be serious all the time, right?

So have some fun 🙂

Three images that will change the way you think about mental illness. Engage. I like the cartoon myself.

ASAP Science explores the science of depression. Love these videos.


ASAP Science mentioned Laurel Braitman in their wee video, so when I saw Laurel’s TED talk on animal madness, I had to share. She’s quite entertaining. I think she might also have a little stage fright.


Fond of meteor disaster movies like Armageddon? Well, this graphic shows the comparative size of the comet the Rosetta has been sent after. Just to put things in perspective. IFLS.

All right. This oceanic worm is a little creepy, but it’s also pretty cool. IFLS.

Take a look at this transparent solar concentrator. IFLS.

David Brin talks Next Technologies on his blog, Contrary Brin. Lots of linkage.

Captain America and the Hulk, explained by science (kind of). Polygon.

Kid President’s pep talk for teachers and students. Find your awesome.


A young goat is introduced to a litter of puppies. The San Francisco Globe. OMG cute 🙂

P!nk and John Legend in Herbie Hancock’s arrangement of Don’t Give Up. Teh beautiful.


Walk off the Earth covers Am I wrong? by Nico & Vinz.


Time explores the other roles the 12 Doctors have played over the years.

The Nerdist’s Alicia Lutes wonders why actors in fantasy and science fiction series get the Emmy snub.

So . . . were you edutained? Let me know.

See you Saturday with the next instalment of WWC 2014, and a Caturday quickie about the week’s developments. Things are looking up 😉

Thoughty Thursday