Join me on DIY MFA for my latest column

This time, it’s all about the aliens 🙂

How to build an alien: Extremophiles




Join me over at the WarpWorld blog!

Today, my post on writer’s grief is up at the WarpWorld blog!

This blog series is in honour of the release of the final book in the WarpWorld series: Forbidden Revelations.


Have a look around. You never know, you might just find your next SF read 🙂

My latest column for DIY MFA

Good afternoon writerly folk!

I’m hot off the NaNoWriMo crazy train and back to kick the blog into high gear again.

Tomorrow, I’ll be providing you with a detailed breakdown of October and November’s writing progress with my next chapter update (flailing Kermit arms–aaaaaahhhhhhh!).

In the meantime, join me over at DIY MFA for my latest column: five nursery rhyme origins to spark your next story!


Until tomorrow, be well my friends.