Sundog snippet: Sewer, stove, and refinishing update

On Monday morning, the crew arrived to start digging up the driveway and replace the old, clay sewer pipe. Apparently the locates were finally done on Friday (though I was watching for them, and I didn’t see anyone . . .). So, yay!

The trenchening

I was quickly exiled from the house, though, when they had to move the stairs (our one remaining set).

The trenchening continued

Everything was excavated by the end of day on Monday. They reassembled the steps at the front door so we could get in and out of the house.

Tuesday morning, however, in the process of removing our pipe and compacting fill at the bottom of the trench, the crew uncovered a leak in my mom’s sewer pipe (about two feet over from ours).

Tuesday morning

So they had to replace a 12 foot length of her pipe as well.

Wednesday morning, they were here for about an hour to top up the fill under the side door and move the steps back into place.

Wednesday morning

And now we won’t have to worry about roots in our line.

Wednesday morning part 2

Unfortunately, the paving crew, the retaining wall people, and the carpenter who is supposed to build the new set of front steps, have not shown up.

But progress! Yay!

I started refinishing my office door (finally). It’s one of the things I wanted to do before my leave was over. With one week left, I figured I should get on that . . .

Stripping the door

And yesterday, our new stove arrived.

Shiny new stove

So all is well. For now. Will keep you posted on the paving and other stuff as things happen.

TTFN! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sundog snippet