Thoughty Thursday: Popping your mental corn, Feb 12-18, 2023

It is time, once again, to get your mental corn popping (i.e., make weird mental connections that give you all kinds of great ideas for creative works)!

Erin Blakemore explains the origins of African American studies. National Geographic

Daryle Williams and Kristina E. Poznan are using data to discover and explore the stories of enslaved people. JSTOR Daily

Ashawnta Jackson is keeping scores: unearthing the works of Black women composers. JSTOR Daily

Anne Trafton: ingestible sensor could help doctors pinpoint gastrointestinal issues. MIT News

Christina Szalinski says the antibodies from camels and sharks could change medicine. Knowable Magazine

The dark room where science was invented. Be Smart

Ivan Semeniuk reports that the meeting of Venus and Jupiter under spectacular view of the moon offer reminder of space missions to come. The Globe and Mail

Ryan Jackson embarks on a scientific investigation of “The Last of Us” fungal pandemic. CNet

Beth Betkowski wonders, do trees really “talk” to each other through underground fungal networks? The “wood-wide web” contested. The University of Alberta

Dyani Lewis reports that sea life bounced back fast after “the mother of mass extinctions.” Nature

Krisztina Feyno: Hungarian research explores why your dog is prone to howling. Reuters

Sean Wetselaar says we own more dogs than ever before. We didn’t think it through. The Walrus

Thanks for spending some time with me. I hope you took away something to inspire an future creative project.

Until my next chapter weekly update, be well and stay safe; be kind and stay strong. The world needs your stories!