Thoughty Thursday: Popping your mental corn, Aug 7-13, 2022

Happy Friday eve! Thoughty Thursday’s here to get your mental corn popping in time for the weekend.

Rich McKay reports that two of Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers get life sentences and the third 35 years. Reuters

Michael Goldberg and Allen G. Breed reveal that Grand Jury declines to indict woman in Emmet Till killing. Associated Press

Lauren Michele Jackson: Josephine Baker was the star France wanted—and the spy it needed. The New Yorker

Pavel Polityuk: Ukraine accuses Russia of using nuclear plant for deadly rocket attack. Reuters

Ista Bhattacharya considers Kolcata and Partition: between remembering and forgetting. JSTOR Daily

Rosa Saba says it’s “paycheque to paycheque.” Inflation is hitting low-income Canadians hard—and its effects are likely to be long-lasting. The Toronto Star

Christopher Zara: MRI brain scans are finally revealing why some people are left-handed. Fast Company

Kaitlyn McInnis explains why the design thinking process is so important. Fast Company

Raven Ishak says crying at work is only stigmatized because offices cater to the male experience. Well + Good

Things we’ve learned working from home. The Verge

Pema Bakshi writes in defense of quiet quitting. Refinery 29

Are we turning away from sex-positive feminism? Khadija Mbowe | You Can Always Change Your Mind

Ione Gamble says being “woman’d” is becoming a depressing inevitability for us all. Refinery 29

Mark Sullivan and Alex Pasternack: small nuclear reactors finally get the nod from regulators, but they still have a lot to prove. Fast Company

Tesla discloses lobbying effort to set up factory in Canada. Reuters

Jason Bittel and Martin Gregus want you to behold the bears of summer … snoozing in flower beds. National Geographic

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