Thoughty Thursday: Things that made me go hmmmm on the interwebz, July 6-12, 2014

Reach in this week’s goody bag . . .

Rebecca Brown took a daily selfie over the six years she battled depression. This video is the result. ViralNova.

Interesting article from the Psychiatric Times about our fascination with violence and why even some psychiatrists aren’t immune (well, they’re human, aren’t they?).

Why the internet of things will disrupt everything. Wired. Like this? Then I’d highly recommend the CBC podcast of Spark. Nora Young talks about the internet of things every week 🙂

IFLScience! The earth’s electromagnetic field is weakening. Is it getting ready to “flip”?

Moar IFLScience! Antioxidants make some cancers worse. Is it time for more research?

Discovery News. This hard drive sniffing hound helps fight child porn. Good dog!

Decoding the sign language of chimpanzees.

In related news, chimps also like wearing “jewellery.” Daily Mail Online.

Bill Steer, A.K.A. Backroads Bill, looks for evidence of fairies in northern Ontario pictographs. Do you believe? CBC’s Morning North.

Poor dear. Elephant freed after 50 years of servitude. I hate animal cruelty in any form. Diply.

Want a keyboard with a sense on nostalgia? This darling might be for you. Bored Panda.

What did you grab, or rather, what grabbed you?

Just thought of another reason to like Thoughty Thursday: tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!!!!!

Have a good one people. See you Saturday.

Thoughty Thursday