The end of my season of sorrow

Fathers’ Day.

Last year I wrote at the beginning of my season of sorrow about the landmark moments marking my father’s decline and eventual death.

He was still very much on my mind, it only being the second year following his death.

This year, it’s been a little different.

His birthday, date of his admission into the hospital, final, precipitous decline due to congestive heart failure, death, funeral, and Fathers’ Day, all spanning the time between March 14 and the third Sunday in June, did not have the same impact as in previous years.

In fact, this year, though I was conscious of each date, I did not mark them in any way. I didn’t even discuss any of them with my mom.

This year, Dad’s been more or less continually on my mind. The dates meant less, the overall absence, more.

I’ve kept these things to myself, though. This remains my grieving process.

Phil’s father died recently, too, but that’s not my story to tell.

Fathers’ Day, however, is not just about my dad, or Phil’s. It’s about all dads, everywhere.

So, to commemorate the end of my so-called season of sorrow, I’m going to wish all dads a HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY with these two, lovely links:

Five dads who made us laugh and/or cry from People Magazine.

50 funny and/or inspiring quotes about dads from Parade.