Tipsday: Writerly Goodness found on the Interwebz March 16-22, 2014

TipsdayAway from home this week and free wifi is slooooow.

I’d just posted about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) myself when Lydia Sharp posted this to Writer Unboxed:

On the changing role of agents and new submission guidelines from Anne R. Allen’s blog (with the fabulous Pam Van Hylckama Vlieg):

Part 6 of K.M. Weiland’s Creating Stunning Character Arcs series:

Two from Elissa Field. Is teaching a good day job for a writer? and Friday Links for writers 03.14.14

Hey, who says I can’t curate the curators?

And here’s a third for good measure: novel revision strategies:

The science of emotion in marketing. The article speaks to me more of braiin science and the power of story.

Improve your vocabulary.

Stephen King’s top 20 rules for writers, ‘cause you know, we can never break too many of them 😛

Agent Carly Watters explains what she looks for when she Googles a prospective client.

Roz Morris on the dangers of over-dependence on your thesaurus.

The neurological similarities between writers and the mentally ill. Get your critical thinking caps on people.

5 charts that show how publishing is changing from Jane Friedman.

5 insightful writing tips from Paul Harding.

5 reasons your platform may be spinning its wheels from Michael Hyatt.

WOW! Did I find a lot of good stuff on the interwebz last week or what?

That’s the thing with me. Sometimes, I’ll be all over that. Sometimes I won’t. This week, for instance, being on the road, I don’t think will be very productive for the linkage. We shall see.

And this is me, saying goodnight.