Caturday Quickies: Good news and tech crisis averted

What should I find in my inbox today but a lovely message from Sopphey Vance that Enhance No. 14 is out 🙂

Aside from my lovely photograph (my first chosen for publication) you should check out all the lovely poetry. You can read the issue online, or, better still, support the Onimpression Network by purchasing a print copy of your very own.

My sweet little dear

My sweet little dear

Shortly after I checked my email this morning, my Samsung Galaxy Note II died.

Oh noes!

I didn’t realize how dependant I’d become on the dear thing until I couldn’t raise a signal from her.

Fortunately, the person at the Rogers store knew exactly what to do. He removed the battery, waited three seconds, then reinserted it.

Hard boot saves the day.

I should have thought of that 😛