Something apropos of nothing: SNOW

So. We’ve just been through a record-setting cold snap up here.

On Thursday morning, it was minus 36 degrees Celsius with a wind chill that made it feel like minus 47.

That was the coldest, but the whole week was like that. On New Year’s Day, I didn’t take Nu for her normal walk. On Thursday, we just went into the vacant lot across the road and even then, she was limping with the cold on the way back.

Other areas had it worse, I know. Timmins and Montreal experienced wind chills of minus 52 and minus 50 respectively.

Still, that was cold.

Thankfully, we didn’t have an ice storm, like Toronto, or the resultant power outages.

Today, we were minus 4 degrees. Anyone who lives in a seasonal climate knows that in the winter, when it warms up, that’s when you get the precipitation.

So we had snow.

Environment Canada and the Weather Network predicted 10-15 centimetres. We had at least 20. Tomorrow, it will be minus 7 and they’re calling for another 10-15.

We don’t know where we’re going to put it all.

Corner lot. Big driveway.

This is not a bitching post. These are facts. You can check ‘em if you like.

I’m just sayin’. It’s WINTER up here folks!

That is all.

Lookit the SNOW

Lookit the SNOW

4 thoughts on “Something apropos of nothing: SNOW

    • This is northern Ontario. Actually, if you look at Sudbury on a map, we’re really central. Northern Ontario is huge and remote and either colder or snowier than we are here, but the Provincial government is in Toronto and the National Capital is Ottawa. So they classify Sudbury as North.
      In any case, we often have snow and coldish temperatures starting in November and going right through to April. March in any case. I’ve lived here all my life, but I find, now that I’ve entered my fourth decade, that I don’t have as much tolerance for winter weather as I used to. I certainly don’t enjoy it as much as when I was a kid.
      I think that’s just what 2 and a half hours of shovelling will do to a person, though.


    • Yes, well, today has been okay, but the 10 to 15 cm is coming tonight. The shovelling is keeping me active 😉 And with the warmer weather, Nu and I have been able to get out for the morning walk.


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