Sundog snippets: In the midst of chaos

I may be on a leave and relaxing may be on the agenda, but the rest of the city won’t cooperate 😦

I live on a busy street corner to begin with.

TheHicksAcross Marttila Dr. from me, my neighbours are renovating.  Their second floor is completely redone, and they’ve added a sunroom out the back.  Truthfully, it was a top to bottom gut and has been underway since June or July.

The site is quiet now, but there has been equipment and noise and all sorts of stuff happening.

Across Regent St., the city is not only resurfacing Bouchard and Southview streets, but is Bouchardalso replacing all the sewer and water on the way.  20 foot holes have been appearing and disappearing all along.  Since this is one of the routes I walk Nuala along, it’s a bit inconvenient.

Also, the supplies and equipment are stored along the side of Regent, further down, and the gravel, sand, and crusher dust they need to prepare for the resurfacing has been piled into an empty lot off Arnold St., about a block away.  Dump trucks and back-hoes are constantly moving between the lot and Bouchard.

This infrastructure improvement is scheduled to move on to Regent in the spring.  Already they’ve been upgrading the hydro and routing the power for the streetlights when they move them.

AutumnwoodSuitesCatty-corner to us is the retirement residence, The Breezes.  Well it used to be called The Breezes and was a motel at one point, but the corporation renovated.  After a few years, the corporation renovated again, building a four-storey addition that was actually bigger than the original motel.

After two years of construction, it’s now Autumnwood Suites, and they are refinishing the old motel so that it matches the new addition.  This too, is in its final stages.

OneoftwonewaptsBehind Autumnwood is an apartment complex (three of them) which is now constructing two new apartment buildings.

A block north, my old elementary school, MacLeod, is being rebuilt.MacLeod

A block south, blasting is occurring to clear the ground for another mini-mall.

I’m really feeling like I want to move.  It’s just too much chaos.

Sundog snippet

Sundog snippets: Pupdate October 2013

Sundog snippet

Yes, my friends, Nu’s health adventures do not yet seem to be at an end.

Poor pup has now contracted some kind of infection in her eye/nose.  She started sneezing a few weeks ago, and then, after a couple of days, she started shedding these honkin’ boogers from her eyes.

And yes, we figure they were, in fact, boogers because of what happened next.

In any case, we went to the vet and got some eye drops, because at this point everything seemed to be limited to her right eye.

After a couple of days of the treatment, however, I noticed that Nu’s nose was crusty (eeeewww).

A second visit resulted in antibiotics and after the full course, she’s still got a crusty nose and opti-gook.  No infection, though, which I guess is the good thing.

If the inflammation/whatever-it-is didn’t clear up, the other option that was presented to us was a foreign body.  In all likelihood, Nu snorted something up her nose hole and that is what has caused the sneezing, opti-gook, and crustiness.

She’s otherwise happy and healthy, and we hope to continue in that vein, but every once in a while, I have to wipe my dog’s nose.

Nuala in her hidey place

Nuala in her hidey place