Adventures in SharePoint

Last time on Breaking open the mind: Mellie got a SMART Board.  New tool, new game, and boy does the learning mutt like to play 🙂 (Fetch, girl, fetch!)

I’d just got started, or restarted with the SMART Board when my attention was drawn to Microsoft SharePoint.  I think I mentioned in other posts that I’m a little ADHD?  I’d just taken an introductory course in August 2010, and in December, I decided that I needed to refresh my memory, or lose all of that wonderful learning.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The thought had been with me since September, when my acting manager arranged for the shell site on our employer’s server before leaving for another acting assignment.  Unfortunately, I was about to co-facilitate six sessions of systems training to staff across the province.  I wouldn’t have time to look at SharePoint, or the site again until after I’d wet my appetite for the learning with the SMART Board.

Come December though, I went to town.  I reviewed all the training material, and read the text that had been given to us with the course:  I played.

After populating the site with a few document libraries, a picture library, a wiki library, some announcements, a discussion group, setting up emails for lists, and playing with the content types to install templates into some of the libraries I created, I put together a wee utilization document and a survey to find out how my team might want to use SharePoint in their work.

Given the limitations placed on us (the best I could hope for was design privileges, and those would be curtailed by security and other concerns) I laid out what I thought were the options at the time.  They turned out to be dreams and hopes, but at least I got my fellow trainers thinking about SharePoint and the course that they’d taken.  It would be important in the coming year.

I got five responses, and then my team got its first permanent manager in more than two years and new priorities demanded my efforts.

Do you use SharePoint at your workplace?  For what purpose?  What do you think of it?  I’ll have more adventures in SharePoint coming and I’ll let you know then what I did with the tool next.